Enhancement of the Nutritional Status

Enhancement of the Nutritional Status and longevity of liquid Organic Manure ‘Shasyagavya’ by Mixing with Available Bulky Organic Manures

Kartick Chandra Sahu

The experiment was conducted during January-2014 to May-2014 at the laboratory of IRTDM faculty centre, Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University, Morabadi, Ranchi-834008 to study on the enhancement of nutrients content and longevity of Shasyagavyaby mixing with different bulky organic manures. The treatments were prepared by utilizing different easily available materials like-Farm Yard Manure (FYM), poultry litter and Vermicompost along with ‘Shasyagavya’ an effective liquid organic manure prepared by utilizing easily and locally available resources such as cow-dung, cow-urine, peels of vegetables (potato) and water at 1:1:1:2 ratios. The treatments combinations were: T1 = FYM (500 g) + Shasyagavya (420 ml); T2=Vermicompost (500 g) + Shasyagavya (640 ml); T3 = Poultry litter (500 g) + Shasyagavya (740 ml); T4 = FYM (250 g) + Vermicompost (250 g) + Shasyagavya (500 ml); T5 = FYM (250 g) + Poultry litter (250 g) + Shasyagavya (550 ml); T6 = Vermicompost (250 g) + Poultry litter (250 g) + Shasyagavya (666 ml); T7=Vermicompost (166.66 g) + Poultry litter (166.66 g) + FYM (166.66 g) + Shasyagavya  (600 ml) and T8= Control [Shasyagavya(mother solution) only]. The findings revealed nutritional status and longevity of ‘Shasyagavya’ may be increased by mixing with available bulky organic manures. From the results, it was also revealed that T3 as the best treatment among all other treatments when nutritional status of the treatment in respect of the nutrient contents was taken into consideration. On the contrary, T6(vermicompost + poultry litter + Shasyagavya) and T1 (FYM + Shasyagavya) emerged as the best treatments in terms of longevity/shelf-life with desirable levels of almost all studied parameters that remain either unchanged or increased for longer periods after preparation of Shasyagavya as well as mixing with carrier materials as per the specified treatments.

Keywords: Shasyagavya, Organic inputs, Cow dung, Cow urine, Poultry litter, Farm Yard Manure (FYM), Vermicompost, Vegetables waste.