Health, Housing and Sanitation

Health, Housing and Sanitation: A Comparative Account on the Tribal and Non-Tribal Situation in Jharkhand

Ishwar Munda

The present investigation was carried out at Lembhatoli, Dumartoli, Bisa, Chhotkigorang and Soso villages of Angara Block of Ranchi district during January-2013 to May-2013 with the help of questionnaires and interview among the selected villagers.

Fifty families from tribal villages namely Lembhatoli, Dumartoli, Bisa, and fifty families from non-tribal villages namely Chhotkigorang and Soso were selected for the study. The study aims at analyzing the condition of rural housing, poor basic amenities and rural health services which is based on primary data collected from 100 families.

The study reflects unhygienic housing condition, inadequate access to basic amenities and poor health condition of inhabitants of the study villages. Hence, rural people irrespective of class or caste should be motivated and helped to come forward for creating the basic amenities which may require financial support, particularly to the weaker section of the society. The government should take the overall responsibility of providing these amenities to sections of the society, especially for poor households. The corporate houses, PRIs and NGOs should be involved in this endeavor. A survey is conducted in the year 2013 with the help of villagers and colleagues. The detailed information of each selected households regarding housing condition, amenities available to the households namely; drinking water, sanitation, electricity, bathroom, toilets, place of birth, type of treatment, received during illness etc. were not obtained properly.

Keywords: Health, Housing, Sanitation analysis, basic amenities