Influence of various concentrations of BD-501 and Sayagavya

Influence of various concentrations of BD-501 and Sayagavya on yield and quality of onion.

Atmadeep Das

An experiment was conducted during Rabi 2012-13 at experimental farm of IRTDM faculty center, Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University, Ranchi to find out the influence of different concentrations of BD-501 and Sasyagavya on yield and quality of onion. The treatments consisted of combinations of BD-501 (1%, 5% and 10% solutions) and Sasyagavya (10%) solution.

Application of various sources of organic manure with BD-501 imparted beneficial effect on growth and yield attributes of onion. All the growth parameters (bulb length, bulb diameter, bulb weight, neck-fall percentage), yield attributes and quality of bulbs were positively influenced by BD-501 and Sasyagavya application. The performance of onion was poor when there was no treatment applied, as reflected in poor growth and lower yields. Among different sources of organic manures, treatment consisting of BD-501 (10%) solution (T3) proved beneficial, as manifested in vigorous growth and higher yields.

Supplementation of organic sources of manures resulted in bulbs with higher TSS (T3), total sugar content (T7), reducing sugar (T7) and ascorbic acid content (T7).

Key words:- Onion, Allium cepa, Organic, Biodynamics, Yield attributes, Quality parameters.