Nutritional status and longevity study of Shasyagavya

Nutritional status and longevity study of Shasyagavya (10%) prepared by utilizing different available materials

Vijay Oraon

The experiment was conducted during January-2013 to June-2013 at the laboratory of IRTDM faculty centre, Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University, Morabadi, Ranchi-834008 to study on the nutritional status and longevity of Shasyagavya 10% solution (an organic preparation) prepared by utilizing different materials. The treatments were prepared by utilizing different easily available materials like-cow dung, poultry litter and goat excreta along with cow urine, crop residue and water at 1:1:1:10 ratios. From the experiment, it was revealed that T2(Poultry litter: Cow urine: Crop residue: Water @ 1:1:1:10 proportions) was the best treatment among all other treatments when both nutritional status as well as longevity of the treatment in respect of the nutrient content were taken into consideration. Other treatments with poultry litter as an ingredient viz. T4, T6 and T7 recorded significant result in terms of available Organic C, Nitrogen (N), Potassium (K) and Phosphorus (P) content. Although, the higher longevity with higher amount of nutrients content even after 15 days of preparation was also observed in treatments like T3, T5, T6 and T7 those contained goat excreta as a based material probably due to the lower rate of their decomposition.

Keywords: Organic inputs, Cow dung, Cow urine, Poultry litter, Goat excreta, Crop residues.