Present Scenario of Lac Processing Units in Balarampur

Present Scenario of Lac Processing Units in Balarampur (West Bengal)

Amit Kumar Bhuin

The present investigation was carried out at Balarampur of Purulia district during February-2013 to June-2013. This investigation was completed through questionnaire and personal interview among the lac processors and workers. This study was completed for understanding the challenges, constrains of the lac processing units and to understand the lac processing technology.

This project report indicates that the present scenario of lac processing units in Balarampur and its major causes of decline in handmade shellac processing units. In the study it was observed that the gross return of small firm was Rs. 1547.18 per day and the B:C ratio was 1.04. The net returns in small firm was Rs. 39/kg .The gross returns of medium firm was Rs. 7790.39 which was quite high, the B:C  ratio was 1.07. The net returns in medium firm was Rs. 78/kg. The gross returns of large firm was Rs. 40,594 and  the B:C  ratio was 1.08. It was observed that the large firm could make a profit of Rs. 40,594. The net returns in large firm was Rs. 81/kg which was maximum.

The main constrains of lac processing units were price fluctuation in raw materials, unavailability of raw materials on time, lack of specialized and aggressive marketing system, unavailability of skilled labour, uneven demand of button lac, seedlac and shellac.

Institutions and government agencies should provide skills and opportunities of training for adoption of improve technologies. Positive approach by government to promote and export lac base products.  Financial assistance should be provided by government agencies and banks to safeguard the small scale industries like button lac processing units.

Keywords: Lac Processing Units, Constraints, Lac production technology Balarampur