Production of biofertiler

Production of biofertiler by the use of rhizobium species-a symbiotic nitrogen fixer in cost effective carrier materials

Vinita Sharma

The aim of the given project is to explore and use the alternative carrier materials FYM and vermicompost for the production of Rhizobium bofertilizers and the viability test of Rhizobium in them. Various information regarding this project were collected from different sources like magazines, journals, books etc. The Rhizobium species of Cow pea group was chosen for this project. The bacterial strains were isolated from the root nodules of the Cow pea plant. They were cultured in YEMA media. The two alternative carrier materials i.e. FYM and vermicompost were chosen for the production of biofertilizer. 20 packets of Rhizobium using FYM as a carrier material ad 30 packets using vermicompost as a carrier material were prepared. The viability of Rhizobium sp. in both the carrier materials were tested which showed its presence. One of the important physiological character of the bacteria was tested by Gram staining, which gave the result of the concerned species as Gram negative. To create the awareness among the villagers of adopting Rhizobium biofertilizers, demonstrations and meetings were organized at the villages like Gatalsud, Parastoli etc. 50 farm families were visited and about 20 prepared packets of Rhizobium biofertilizer were distributed among the innovators. In the market survey, to know the status of the present market, about 10 fertilizer shops situated at Kutcheri Road, Ratu Road and Court compound, Ranchi, Jharkahnd, were visited.

Key words- Cow pea, Rhizobium, Biofertilizer, Carrier material.