Production of biofertilizer

Production of biofertilizer using phosphorus solubilizing bacteria (psb) in cost effective alternative carrier materials

Pammi singh

The main aim of the given project is “Production of Biofertilizer Using ’Phosphorus Solubilizing Bacteria (PSB)’ In Cost Effective Alternative Career Materials”. Various information regarding this project were collected from different sources like journal, books, internet etc. The PSB was isolated from the soil of the university plot through serial dilution on Pikovaskaya’s media. The two alternative carrier materials i.e. FYM and vermicompost were chosen for the production of biofertilizer. 50 packets of biofertilizer using both the carrier materials were prepared in which 25 packets of vermicompost each having 100gm biofertilizer. The viability of PSB in both the carrier materials was tested which give positive result. Also the physiological character of the bacteria was tested by gram staining. It was Gram positive and Gram variable. To create the awareness among the villages for adopting organic fertilizers as well as biofertilizers demonstrations and meetings were organized at the village level. 50 farm families were visited and 20 packets of PSB fertilizer were distributers among the innovators. To know the present status of biofertilizer in market, market survey was also done.

Key words- PSB, Carrier materials, Biofertilizer.