Study on the yield and quality attributes of potato

Study on the yield and quality attributes of potato grown through organic farming

Santu Adhikari

The present investigation was carried out at the faculty centre of Integrated Rural & Tribal Development and Management under the School of Agriculture and Rural Development of Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University, Morabadi, Ranchi-834008, Jharkhand, India at 23.230 N latitude and 85.230E longitude with the altitude of 2,140 feet above sea level during Rabi season of 2012 to 2013.

Application of various sources of organic manure with their beneficial effect on growth and yield attributes as well as quality parameters of potato was studied. All the growth parameters (tuber diameter, tuber weight and yield/plot)i.e. yield attributes and almost all quality parameters viz. TSS, total sugar, ascorbic acid and starch content of tuber were positively influenced by cow urine 20% and incorporation of methi as intercrop. The performance of potato was poor when there was no organic input applied, as reflected in poor growth and lower yield. Among different sources of organic manures, treatment consisting of cow urine 20% solution and methi as intercrop (T6 treatment) was proved to be beneficial, as manifested in vigorous growth and higher tuber yield. Similar, observation was recorded for starch content of tuber and in this regard T6 again emerged as the best treatment. Fenugreek/ methi (Trigonella foenum-graecum-L.)  as intercrop (1:1) is not suitable for higher yield of potato in spite of its repellent effects on some insect-pests especially rodents. Although, some quality parameters of potato has positive influenced by the incorporation of methi as intercrop in potato field in 1:1 proportion.

Keywords: Organic potato cultivation, yield assessment, quality assessment