Sustainable Model Village Planning

Sustainable Model Village Planning of Jaspur Village, Angara Block of Jharkhand.

Raju Das

The present investigation was carried out at Jaspur village under Angara block of Ranchi district during January-2013 to May-2013 with the help of schedules and interview among the villagers of Jaspur, to observe the present status and make a sustainable planning.

A small village Jaspur , is situated in Angara block of Ranchi district of Jharkhand, upholding with 220 population in 45 household having 131.57 sex ratio with 125 male and 95 female .There were three ethnic groups like Karmali, Mahato, Singh; the Karmali families (31)  were more rather than Mahato (12) and Singh (2).  The villagers were engaged with agricultural practice, welding works and allied works like labour etc. for earning livelihood. The more families were engaged with welding works (21). But they were economically very weak due to lack of proper management in any aspects of development. The village is full of natural resources. The main crops were cultivated like paddy, potato, tomato, cabbage, etc. The farmers were not practicing Integrated Pest Management, Integrated Nutrient Management, Organic farming, etc. They did not practice sanitation properly, so prevalence of disease is occurred in the village. In educational status, the male (98) are more literate than female (53), but in total literacy (151) is high rather than illiteracy (69) .They were rich in religious and cultural life. In Jaspur, a planning should be needed for the holistic development in sustainable way to change into a model village. The more important is that the village needs to be developed in livelihood security, conservation on natural resources, environmental protection, infrastructure development, improvement on practical education, awareness on health and sanitation as well as with the interest of government and the people’s participation on planning to make a Sustainable Model Village.

Key Words: Sustainable, model village, holistic development, participatory development, planning, livelihood, eco – friendly, management.