Yield performance of cabbage

Yield performance of cabbage as sole crop and as intercrop under organic management condition

Deepak Kr. Patel

The present investigation has been conducted at the selected farmer’s field at Kaitha village under the Ramgargh block of Ramgargh district of Jharkhand during September-2012 to May-2013.

The experiment has been formulated with five different treatments viz. T1 (cabbage as sole crop), T2 (cabbage intercropped with Indian spinach), T3 (cabbage intercropped with coriander), T4 (cabbage intercropped with onion) and T5 (cabbage intercropped with French bean) with four replications by following Complete Randomized Block Design. The entire experiment was designed by following complete organic package of practices. The highest yield of 67.04 t/ha was documented in the cases where French bean was used as intercropped with cabbage (T5) and the lowest yield of 49.96 t/ha was recorded in T1 where cabbage was grown as sole crop. Nevertheless, the highest benefit cost ratio (6.23) was recorded in T3 where cabbage was intercropped with coriander, on the contrary, the lowest benefit cost ratio of 4.30 was noted when cabbage was intercropped with onion. Thereby, T3 (cabbage intercropped with coriander) emerged as the best treatment when benefit cost ratio is considered but sustainability and yield point of view T5 (cabbage intercropped with French bean) appeared as the best treatment where maximum yield was recorded.

Key Words: Cabbage; Brassica oleracea var. capitata, Indian Spinach; Coriander; Onion; French bean; Yield attributes; Organic Farming; Benefit Cost Ratio.