Effect of Shasyagavya on the Growth

Effect of Shasyagavya on the Growth, Yield and Quality Attributes of Pot as well as field Grown Strawberry

Ranita Das

The experiment was conducted during Oct-2014 to May-2015 at the IRTDM faculty centre, Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University, Morabadi, Ranchi-834008 to study the ‘Effect of Shasyagavya on the growth, yield and quality attributes of pot as well as field grown strawberry. Five treatments viz. T1: 5% Shasyagavya; T2: 10% Shasyagavya; T3: 15% Shasyagavya; T4:  20% Shasyagavya and T5:   Control were allocated for conducting the experiment under three specific conditions i.e. FC: Field Condition, PC-1: Pot Condition-1 (80% soil + 20% sand) and PC-2: Pot Condition-2 (40% soil + 40% vermicompost + 20% sand). From the experiment, it was revealed that T3 (15% Shasyagavya🙂 was the best among all treatments for almost all growth, yield and quality parameters of strawberry under field, PC-1 and PC-2 conditions. It was also revealed that organic management conditions may enhance the soil fertility status. In this context, available nitrogen and phosphorus increased significantly under both cropped and without cropped conditions. Although microbial population increased significantly in almost all treatments and growing conditions but PC-2 (Soil-40% + Vermicompost-40% + Sand-20%) condition with cropped recorded the highest microbial population followed by the field condition with cropped combination. Such type of findings may probably due to crop micro-climatic environments which is congenial for the growth and multiplication of several beneficial microbes like bacteria and fungus.

 Keywords: Strawberry, Organic condition, Fragaria ananassa, Growth yield & quality attributes.