List of Selected Candidates for Admission in 2 Year M. Sc. – ARTD – 2019

Notice-Admission-ARTD-M.Sc.-1/2019                        Date 26 June 2019

Based on the performance in the written test and the subsequent interview, the following candidates have been selected for admission for the 2 Year M. Sc. in ‘Agriculture and Rural Tribal Development’ for the session due to begin from July 2019.

The University expects its students to maintain a high order of discipline and academic integrity, which would be considered part and parcel of the course along with academic performance. The students should attend each and every class (both theoretical and practical) and the inability to attend should always be with prior permission only.

The selected candidates may get admitted online with immediate effect i.e. 27 June, but not later than 5th July 2019 by paying the requisite fees of Rs.17800/-+transaction charges (fees for the first semester: Rs.12500/-, admission fees: Rs.3000/-, caution deposit: Rs.2000/-, identify card: Rs.100/-, Registration fee: Rs. 200/-) by using net banking, debit card, credit card etc. Classes will begin on 10 July 2019 (Wednesday) from 10 am. Admitted candidates not attending classes for 3 consecutive days from the very beginning without prior written permission will forfeit their seats.

Parents/guardians of the students are advised to be in close contact with the Dean or Head of the Department and the teachers and obtain feedback about their wards’ performance etc. The University welcomes the newly admitted students and wishes them all the best in their study with the prayer that they may use the knowledge and wisdom acquired for the all round welfare of the society, particularly their rural and the underprivileged brethren. Students have to make uniform as per sample given by the university. All should wear half sleeve/ full sleeve shirt only.

List of the selected candidates: — Notice dated-26.06.2018

Please note that the following list is NOT a merit list but arranged ALPHABETICALLY.

Sl. No. Roll No. Name of the Applicant

NOTE: Admission of such candidate(s) those who not yet submitted their graduation final marks is provisional and they have to submit their copy of marksheet before admission.