One Day Workshop on ‘Swami Vivekananda, Sustainable Development Goals and Model Village Development – Experiences and Experiments’ – 06 Jul 2022

Chief Guest- Sri Popatrao Baguji Pawa, Renowned Social Activist

The key objective of the programme was to sharing of development work experiences and discussion on how to make a model tribal gram panchayat to Nawagarh GP in Jharkhand.

Many development experts, academicians and Gram Panchayat Surpanches from the GPs of Jharkhand where Sangsad Adarsh Gram Yojna (SAGY) programme was implemented successfully were present in the event and put their views on the development of a model tribal GP.

Students participated in the competition (group presentation on developing a model gram panchayat to Nawagarh)-

1st rank holder- ARTD-2020 batch (Bishal Sadhu and team)

2nd rank holder- RDM 2021 (Nandita Dey, Abhijeet Kumar and team)

3rd rank holder- BVSA 2021 (Silpi Raj) and ARTD-2018 (Subhojit Das, Khubu Kumari)