About Research Programmes

The Faculty of Agriculture, Rural and Tribal Development, RKMVERI, offers PhD Programme in different academic streams related to Agriculture, Rural and Tribal Development namely, Horticulture, Agricultural Extension, Rural Development, etc. in accordance with the expertise of faculty members. Hence, the program is interdisciplinary in nature and carried out from a comparative perspective. Keeping the importance of research in the present scenario and enhancing the quality of the research the syllabus for the Course has been designed with respect to UGC guidelines of 2016. The program further aims at familiarizing the perspectives, pedagogy, and their implications in various areas of investigations. Regular full-time students with NET may receive financial assistance. Ph.D. scholars receive travel and accommodation grants for attending academic seminars and conferences, subject to the rules of the institute.

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  1. PhD in Agricultural Extension
  2. PhD in Horticulture
  3. PhD in Agricultural Entomology
  4. PhD in Agricultural Economics
  5. PhD in Rural Development