About the Programme

The five year integrated M.Sc. is an unique programme both from the point of view of imparting a comprehensive as well as in-depth knowledge of all aspects of rural and tribal development and management, and also is expected to nurture the student for a career that would make a difference. The syllabus and curriculum formulated for the programme has been done with great accuracy in consultation with various experts in order that the students gain a thorough knowledge of all aspects of rural and tribal development and management in an integrated way. For example, the course content includes topics of all variety in the area of rural and tribal development and management like natural resource management, health and nutrition, agriculture and allied areas, environment management, information and communication technology (ICT) in rural development, communication skill in English, and personality development. Most important of all, the emphasis on higher human values which alone can contribute to success at the individual and collective level. There will be an option for lateral mobility at the end of the third year of the five year integrated M.Sc. programme. Students seeking exit at the end of the third year will receive B.Sc. (Hons) degree and a limited number of students with B.Sc. degree in agriculture and allied subjects from other institutes / universities may also be admitted to the two year M.Sc. degree, if found suitable. Hence, the courses offered at the 4th and 5th year of Integrated M.Sc. will be same for the 2 year M.Sc. in ARTD. Academic structure of the undergraduate level of Integrated M.Sc. in ARTD are given below following CBCS pattern.


  • Inter-disciplinary programme design
  • Holistic view of integrated rural and tribal development

Why choose the programme

Opportunity to be a part of rigorous, inter-disciplinary, practical oriented course with syllabi and curricular designed to prepare a brand of young men and women with thorough knowledge of all aspects of rural lives, their problems and possible solutions.

Programme Outcome

  • To act as a single window service providers for rural and tribal areas
  • Developing knowledge and practical skill in related areas.
  • Inculcating higher human values with soft skills

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