A. For B.Sc. (Hons.) in Agriculture Programme

The following attendance criteria and provision of appearing in the supplementary examination were placed on 12th November 2019 at Board of Studies Meeting No. 34 and subsequently approved by the Honourable members of the Board of Studies through its 35th Meeting conducted on 15th February 2020 at Ranchi Campus of Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Educational and Research Institute.

Attendance Criteria:

At least 85% of attendance (in theoretical and practical classes separately) is compulsory in each module of up to 6th semester. However, in the case of medical emergencies or accidental cases 10% attendance will be relaxed. For student READY [Rural Entrepreneurship Awareness Development Yojana] Program (i.e., Rural Agricultural Work Experience (RAWE) and Agro-Industrial Attachment (AIA) for 7th Semester & Experiential Learning Programme (ELP)/ Hands on Training (HoT) for 8th Semester) at least 85% attendance is compulsory. Any student in the event of recording shortage of attendance has to re-register when offered next by paying the assigned fee. To get the eligibility for registering for the EL programme (8th Semester), the students should have completed all the courses successfully. No student should be allowed to take up the EL programme with backlog/repeat courses. The assignment/allotment of the EL programme shall be based on merit of the student at the end of 5th semester. A separate certificate should be issued to the students after successful completion of EL course. Allotment of EL programmes amongst students to different modules should be done strictly on the basis of merit at the end of fifth semester.

Supplementary Examination:

In case of shortage of attendance or failed, there will be a provision of appearing in supplementary examination (for both theory and practical paper) by paying of Rs. 500.00 (Rupees five hundred only) per paper (theory and practical, separately) as condonation fees. One student may appear at supplementary examination in not more than three modules. Failed or shortage of attendance in more than three modules will be considered as semester back and two consecutive semesters back will be treated as year back. Supplementary exam will be conducted within 30 days of commencement of the next semester. Note that if anyone fails in first attempt of the supplementary exam, then he/she has to appear the same in the next but similar semester with the succeeding batch.

B. For other programmes

Examination Guidelines as on 24 June 2015 with the permission of the Chair through its 22nd Academic Council and Board of Studies Meeting conducted at F/C: ARTD, RKMVERI, RKMA, Morabadi, Ranchi

Attendance Criteria:

At least 75% of attendance (in theoretical and practical classes separately) is compulsory in each module of a semester. However, in case of severe illness or some genuine reasons students with attendance below 75% but not less than 65% may be allowed to appear in the final examination with a valid proof by paying Rs.200/- per module [now revised to Rs.400/- per module] (theory and practical separately) as condonation fee, subject to the approval of the concerned authority, provided.  Students with less than 65% of attendance in any module of any semester will normally be considered disqualified for appearing at that semester final examination and will have to appear in the next similar semester, provided that this facility cannot be provided for more than three modules. Students thus disqualified in more than three modules will have to repeat the full semester in the next similar semester after 6th or 10th semester whichever is earlier, as a post final year student. Repeat full semester means attending all classes, unit tests, mid semester examination, semester final examinations etc. like the other students of that semester. However, students of the final year (5th & 6th Semester: Under-Graduate and 9th & 10th Semester: Post-Graduate) with attendance below 65% can appear in the supplementary semester final examination within 2-3 months after fulfilling their required attendance through remedial classes/submission of assignments without waiting for the next similar semester. The students with shortage of attendance (below 65%) in more than three modules will have to repeat the semester as mentioned above.