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Vidyarthi Homa 2017

A new batch of the 5-year integrated master’s course in rural and tribal development, master’s in rural development and management, 1 year diploma and Ph.D of total 63 students of Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University celebrated its vidyarthi homa (traditional way of welcoming freshets’ students) today in Ashrama temple. They started their academic journey with a students’ oath or vidyarthi homa as part of freshers’ day celebrations. Vedic mantras as well as a yajna were part of the sombre celebrations which stressed on the purity of both body and mind for students. Students utter vedic mantras and offer bela patta in a holy homa kunda. Revered Swami Atmapriyananda Ji Maharaj, Vice Chancellor of the University, Revered Swami Bhaveshananda Ji Maharaj, Administrative Head of this Faculty Centre, other monastic member from RKMVU Belur Math and Ranchi Ashrama, faculties and staffs with all senior students were took part in the holy celebration.