Development Studies & Policy Issues B.Sc. Projects





Participatory Planning of Sirka-Sonuabera Village of Angara Block, Ranchi, Jharkhand Dhiraj Ghosh D. Chatterjee
Health, Housing and Sanitation: A Comparative Account on the Tribal and Non-Tribal Situation in Jharkhand Iswar Munda D. Chatterjee
Analysis of Socio-Economic Status and Livelihood Pattern of Kawali village, Namkum Block, Ranchi District, Jharkhand Koustab Majumdar A Sengupta
A study on the socio-economic condition and livelihood pattern of selected village Sarai toli of Namkum block of Ranchi district, Jharkhand Pankaj Karmali A Sengupta
Sustainable Model Village Planning of Jaspur Village, Angara Block of Jharkhand. Raju Das D. Chatterjee
Non-Farm Employment in Non-Timber Forest Product Based Enterprise: A Study on Leaf Plate Making Ramkrishna Mahto D. Chatterjee
A study on the forest based livelihood of the tribal populace of Ranchi district of Jharkhand Somra Bedia D. Chatterjee
People, Economy and Society: Documenting Mahuatongri Village of Angara Block, Ranchi, Jharkhand Subhankar Chhandogi D. Chatterjee
Visible Yet Invisible: Rural Women’s Contribution in Livelihood through Unpaid Household Work Arindam Ghosh D. Chatterjee
SHG and Social Capital: A Study on the Role of SHGs in Providing Non-Economic Benefit to the Beneficiaries Naresh Kumar D. Chatterjee
Crafting as Tribal Livelihood: A Study on Bamboo Craftsman of Angara Block, Jharkhand Mangat Ram Nureti D. Chatterjee
Man and Forest: A Study on Resource Utilization Pattern in Two Different Villages of Angara Block, Ranchi, Jharkhand Paramananda Nag D. Chatterjee
Information Input Pattern and Information Needs of the Tribal Lac Cultivators of Jharkhand Kailash Chandra Mahto A Sengupta
Lac based handicraft products and its role in the development of tribal community Rainu Ram Netam A Sengupta
Milk Procurement Procedure: Opportunity and Challenges in the context of Jharkhand Amit Kumar A Sengupta